Surge Arrestor

Product Features:

  • Variety of fiberglass surge arrestor enclosures with TMK included
  • Non-linear voltage current characteristics
  • Limits potentially destructive voltage levels but does not interfere with cathodic protection
  • Nominal values – 50 ohms at 250 volts / 30,000 ohms at 3 volts
  • Self-healing; able to survive multiple strikes
  • Priced competitively
  • Easy-To-Install

The TMK protects insulating joints by limiting potentially destructive voltage build-up (while still preserving electrical isolation). Protect isolation against arc-overs and gasket destruction. The TMK-E is available in an assortment of varying enclosure and installation options. The TMK-E includes a TMK installed inside of the enclosure, and different bracketing or wiring arrangements to facilitate the functionality and installation of a TMK into a pipeline system.


The TMK is placed across an insulated joint, with connections to the pipeline. These connections allow the TMK to bridge the isolation joint. Different connections are available to facilitate the installation of the TMK, common connections include a bracket connection to a flange stud (Model TMK-200), or a wire connection to the pipeline (Model TMK-100). Under normal operating conditions the TMK surge arrestor is non-conductive and preserves the electrical isolation of the insulating joint, even with cathodic protection voltage applied to the system. The TMK protects the isolation of the system until a high voltage event occurs, at this time, the surge arrestor will dissipate the voltage and pass it across the isolation joint. This helps prevent the pipeline insulator from being shorted.

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Self Healing. Competitively Priced. Easy installation.