Dielectric Union

Product Features:

  • Available from 1/2” Diameter to 2” Diameter
  • 150-175# working pressure
  • Confined o-ring seal (re-usable)
  • Low torque required to make gas-tight seal
  • Malleable iron nut and body
  • Black or galvanized finish
  • Easy to install
  • Economic solution

The dielectric union is a working union connection that utilizes a permanently molded and bonded nylon material to interrupt electric current. The union is an economical, permanent and re-usable solution to protect against stray or induced currents.


Pipeline isolation is used to electrically “split-up” pipelines into distinctive segments. This isolation of pipelines is essential to ensure that cathodic protection (impressed current) is applied and controlled, to prevent “long line” currents and to make the individual cathodic protection systems more effective and economic. Isolation also facilitates prevention of stray electric currents, decreasing corrosion. Isolation of pipelines can provide protection against earthing currents. Isolation of the pipeline can also be used where dissimilar metals are found together to help prevent the galvanic action between the metals. Importantly, isolation can also be used at custody transfer points in pipelines to ensure that two different pipelines, and their corrosion systems do not adversely affect one another.

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Economical, reusable working union connectors.