For Long-Term Dependability, Experts Choose ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joints 

When Failure Isn’t an Option, Choose Current Pipeline Products for Pipe Isolation Solutions

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Monolithic Isolation Joints

ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joints

Long-lasting, weld-in solution to prevent the flow of electrical current in your pipelines

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Barlow Isolation Joints

Barlow Flange Isolation Joints

Simplify corrosion control and cathodic protection with Barlow weld-in style isolation joints

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TMK Surge Arrestors

TMK Surge Arrestors

Limit potentially destructive voltage build-up without cathodic protection interference using TMK surge arrestors

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TMKE Surge Arrestors

TMK-E Surge Arrestors

Facilitate the installation of TMK surge arrestors with specially manufactured TMK-E enclosures

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Dielectric Unions

Dielectric Unions

Eliminate electrolysis when joining pipes of disimilar metals with dielectric unions

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Isolation Joint
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Monolithic Isolation Joint

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Why Go Weldless?
ALFA WELDLESS Isolation Joints
Introducting Weldless Joints

Introducing ALFA’s new weldless isolation joints